Why Career Impact?

If, despite your integrity and quiet determination, you're not truly where you want to be in your work life and you now want to achieve more REAL substance and success without trying to be someone you're not...then you can now discover how to do so by applying the street smart psychology of communication.

Hi. I'm Seán Brickell, Founder of Career Impact, who wants to share with you the helpful practical and psychological tools I've learned from my many experiences of being at life's sharp end, from doing undercover work and being held at gunpoint to speaking "live" to millions on TV and running a successful business. And I want to show you the scientific and other secrets of how to make a HUGE and POSITIVE and REAL impact on your career.

How Career Impact Helps People Like You

Won $657 Million Bid

"We used Seán's coaching and consultancy skills to help us win a long term, £0.5 billion public framework contract - one of our biggest frameworks. He showed a key part of the bid team how to apply some effective psychological and practical communication skills that they used to great effect in the client interviews. He was an engaging and committed individual who became an integral part of the bid team."

Craig Danby - Delivery Manager, nmcn

Highest Ever (7-Figure) Team Win

“Seán played a fundamental part is us securing our largest ever higher education project with a 7-figure fee. His easily accessible and applicable and sometimes very amusing insights into business psychology, as well as the practical communication skills he showed my team, helped us apply these crucial skills easily and effectively during the project winning interview.”

Neil Rose – Main Board Director, Broadway Malyan

$73,000 Earned In Just Two Weeks

"I sometimes struggled with public speaking, but then went on a course with Seán. Furthermore he gave me confidence in myself and was approachable and helpful when I had queries. And two weeks afterwards I undertook a presentation in front of a new client and won $73,000 of business from just that interview!"

Matt Giblin - Senior Quantity Surveyor, PMP Consultants Ltd

Won Top "Unwinnable" Promotion

"I'd lacked confidence at work for far too many years and, no matter what training or support I received, nothing has worked. I felt I couldn't change so opted to stay in the background. After working with Seán everything DID change like never before. I applied for a challenging international job that I didn't think I would get. But, applying his techniques not only helped me to gain the promotion AND a pay increase, but also a boost to my natural confidence. And this has helped me no end in my new role. A massive thank you to Seán!"

Kate Spicer - Talent Management Advisor, Arriva

Is This You - Honestly?

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below - and certainly more than once - then you’re in the right place…

"How can I be properly recognised by my company and/or my clients for the consistent quality of the work I do?"

"How can I persuade my boss to give me a promotion and a pay increase - no matter how tough or scary they might be?"

"How can I give a sales or business presentation where my nerves don't show through too much and spoil it…and where my audience also really loves what I say and how I say it?"

"How can I persuade people to really listen to me and take the action(s) I want them to?"

"How can I instantly or very quickly inspire respect in people I meet, even if they're much older and more experienced than me?"

"How can I make complete strangers to engage with me enthusiastically with me when meeting them for the first time in a business or a social setting?"

"How can I cope psychologically when things go wrong or when I'm going through a really tough time at work and/or at home…so it doesn't adversely affect my work attitude and performance?"


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Hi. I'm Seán Brickell, the Founder of Career Impact. 

I’m a reformed and award-winning frontline network TV news correspondent & news presenter and an undercover investigative journalist for national newspapers...turned specialist in performance psychology and communication skills, as well as a TEDx speaker, best-selling author and media commentator.

My mission is to help business professionals like you gain the tangible and intangible results, recognition and rewards you want and deserve...and in a realistic, consistently supportive and non-cheesy way.

Find out why I really can help you...

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Get FREE updates, tools & strategies

These updates, tools and strategies are given to you simply to help you enjoy better real life results and more consistently. You will not be spammed! And you can opt out at any time.


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