Career Impact gives you the easily applicable, natural and non-cheesy practical & psychological eLearning tools you need to go from being frustrated about not achieving what you really want in your work life to then being able to achieve the RESULTS, the RECOGNITION and the REWARDS you want and deserve

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Do You Want To Create A Successful Outcome In Your Everyday Life BEFORE It Happens?

Then enjoy FREE and immediate access to this interactive coaching tool, that's backed by scientific research and real life successes, that gives you the necessary practical & psychological tools to help you overcome a challenging situation and perform even more successfully.


How Career Impact Can Now Help You

FREE Tools & Tips - LOTS Of Them!

You're regularly given lots of FREE practical and psychological tools & tips to encourage you

Interactive Digital Courses

Interactive eLearning courses that help you apply what you learn to get REAL LIFE results

Life Impact Community

Sharing with and learning from others who invest in the Life Impact courses 

You Shape What You Get

Everything you're given access to is shaped by what YOU want and don't want

10 Tangible Business Benefits of eLearning

Who Career Impact Is For & Not For

This IS for you if...


  You're one of life’s swashbucklers or quiet heroes/heroines – because it doesn’t matter whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert or even, like Career Impact Founder Seán Brickell, an ambivert – who has the courage to seek challenges in your work & personal lives so you can take pride in what you achieve in both

  You're not afraid to dare a little and be adventurous – even if you sometimes risk getting it wrong and failing – because you want to make the most of the talents you have and even the ones you don’t yet know that you have! 

  You really want to invest in yourself and your future life success

  You're prepared to take action on the advice you're given and agree to implement

  You want to be one of the valiant and often victorious few who actually do something rather than the many just talk about doing something

  You want to feel and be happy – especially after all the hard work you’re going to put in to achieving greater success in your work & personal lives

This is NOT for you if...


x  You're an inveterate Know-it-All

x  You want to play it safe and not test yourself or be adventurous just in case you get it wrong

x  You expect the success you want to materialise without investing the time, money and energy to make it happen

x  You might like the idea of investing in coaching and courses to help you progress in your life faster than you might otherwise, but then you don't want to put in the work needed to achieve the results the Career Impact coaching courses are designed to help you realise

x  You think you’ll get on in life by being superficial, smarmy, spiteful, surly or sycophantic or, God help us, a combination of or even ALL of them

x  You think self-development is for sissies

x  You're a man who wears excessively tight trousers or a woman who thinks that's cool...and someone who spends more on looking good for other people than on feeling good about yourself no matter what others think


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