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Won $657 Million Bid

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Highest Ever (7-Figure) Team Win

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Won Top "Unwinnable" Promotion

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Career Impact's Mission

Career Impact has one simple mission...

To help business professionals, who may lack confidence, to achieve the very real RESULTS, RECOGNITION and REWARDS you want and deserve in your work life. These include successful networking and presentation & sales skills to understanding and using body language and strengthening your self-confidence in as well out of the office.

And, as our Success Stories prove, these easily accessible, easily applicable and easily achievable skills also help benefit the companies you work for - both tangibly and intangibly.

And this is done by giving you 24/7 access to easily applicable, non-techniquey, non-cheesy and proven practical & psychological eLearning tools that are based on the most realistically applicable scientific research as well as the results consistently achieved by clients.

So check out some sample Success Stories.